Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know, I know, it has been way to long since I have posted. It is hard to find the time to upload pictures but since all the boys are in bed I thought I'd take a moment and blog. We have been so busy lately, Jeff has been recovering from getting his tonsils out two weeks ago, it sure took a lot out of him. On the weekend my mom came down and we painted our living room, dining room, hallway and Craigs room. I am so happy with it all, I could not stand looking at that red and yellow paint anymore. It is nice for us to finally start decorating the house how we want it, we have only lived here for two years, lol!

Ryan likes to stick his tongue out.

Mmmm, cereal!

Again with the tongue.

Craig is putting his books away in his new book shelf.

Last Tuesday we picked up Jade once she was done school and went to the park, Craig really enjoyed having Jade play with him on all the equipment. I bet she was pooped out that night, Craig kept making Jade chase him around, it was so funny, he was cracking up!

So serious.

Craigs behind the wheel, scary!
The boys are just growing so fast. Ryan is already 16.5 lbs and 26 inches long, he is wearing mosty 6 month sleepers. Craig is just learning new things everyday, he finally says mom :)

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Anne said...

They are adorable Tammy and they do grow up way to fast. Seems like just yesterday Craig was born!. Cute pictures, good for you to find some time to post them. I can only imagine how busy your days are!.
Mom....its a special day when they finally say it..Takes them so long to finally get that word out, then for the next 20 years they say it 1000 times a day!!! ha ha!.