Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!!

Today was Jeff's big birthday! I think he had a great day, he tells me he did. It started out with a big sleep in until 11:30, that doesn't really count though, Craig and Ryan took turns being up for a good portion of the night. We went to Sherri's house for an excellent lasagna dinner, it was so yummy! Thanks Sherri!
Craig took his daddy his birthday present.

Ryan enjoyed playing with the ribbon, more like eating it!

His big birthday cake, I think it turned out nice, at least it tasted good.

Look at all those candles!!!

How many girlfriends, as Mark would say. I say there better not be any, lol!
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Someone call the fire department, look at all that smoke! There was more than the picture showed.
We let him feed himself the ice cream as you can see! I don't know if Sherri will want us over for supper again, Craig had food everywhere.
Ryan with his aunt Sherri.
Too Cute!
Craig has decided he like to walk around in grown up shoes. Here he is in uncle Mike's shoes.

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Sherri said...

Of course you can come again for dinner!! Craig's not that messy!
He sure made us laugh last night.

I'm glad Jeff had a good birthday. Honestly, being in the 40's is great....and I never in a million years thought that would be true :)