Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hockey Rink!

Craig is so ridiculously obsessed with hockey! He was out shoveling the snow with his dad this morning to discover the new center line. Jeff said Craig was shoveling and first looked at the red line confused, it didn't take him long to figure out what it was.

He loves to make hockey star poses.

Taking a shot.

I must admit, I am pretty glad that Craig loves doing something active. I hope it stays that way. Now we just have to cut out the hockey fighting!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

We had a great Christmas!
I think it is safe to say that the boys got what they wanted and some. I was even a little spoiled myself :) I think I need to take a 'how to use your camera for dummies' class. It doesn't matter what I do my pictures always turn out bad. I decided to use my iPhone to take pictures because they always look better than my camera and they didn't turn out:(

The boys thought it was pretty neat that Santa stopped at our house to have some cookies and milk.

The boys must have been good all year because Santa brought them lots of toys.

Craig was happy to see that he got the garbage truck he had been asking for for almost a month and half.

Lots of goodies in Craig's stocking.

Ryan got lots of goodies too!

Ryan got an Oiler's hat. He was so excited.

Craig got a Maple Leaf's hat. What a cute smile.
Too bad my picture didn't turn out better.

Look at all those presents!

The boys and I.
Jeff had to tell Ryan not to sit on my lap to get him to come over.

Jeff and the boys.
Craig makes some of the funniest faces.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Craig wanted to go outside this afternoon so Jeff took him out while Ryan was napping, yes I said napping! And boy did he need it. I don't get much quiet afternoon time to be in my craft room, there are usually two loud attention seeking boys with me!

Craig like to spend the first little bit outside on his skates practicing. He is going great, he can stand on his own and even shuffle a little.

This pusher is great, Craig can get around quite well with it.

Once the skates come off we have a hockey superstar!

Look at that goalie stance!

I could hear then from my craft area yelling 'I got it, I got it'

He shoots! Craig sure has the hockey moves down pat. I think we have a lot of years of early hockey mornings ahead of us.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skating Practice!

We had a special visitor at skating practice this weekend. Santa came out of a dressing room right behind Ryan, Ryan's face lit up and he kept trying to peek around Jeff as he made his way to the ice.

Craig is on the front right checking out Santa.

You should have seen all the kids come racing over, I think some might have started skating over that didn't even know how to skate yet! Craig even shuffled him self in line. Too bad the kid behind him kept pushing him, I think that there were older kids on the ice because Santa was there.

Is this not the cutest face you ever did see! Its not to often that I get a good smile like this out of him, usually he is moving around to quick and all I get is a smeared face.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Craig at school

I was duty parent at preschool today and it was a little cold hanging out in the play area. Craig didn't mind being out there at all. He spent the entire time playing with this toboggan, he laughed every time he went down the hill. I think I am going to have to get him one of these toboggans.

This is a really small hill but the kids make it work and sometimes they really fly down it.
They love it!

Craig thought he would be a daredevil and go down backwards. He laughed so hard!

It is hard to believe that last year when I would drop him off at preschool on a cold day he would cry and cry and cry some more. I felt so horrible leaving him there that sometimes I would stay a little longer than normal. Now I drop him off and he runs to be with his friends.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some family fun!

The boys and I had bought a new Christmas cookie pan a while ago and have wanted to try it out. We finally had some time yesterday.

The boys were pretty excited about the shapes, we got to use our new cookie jar too!

I am actually excited that we have been getting some snow, I am not usually a fan of it but I know how much fun it will be with the boys.

Jeff was cleaning off the rink while the boys and I were making cookies and Craig spotted him out there so he said to me 'I have to go help daddy' so 'I told him to go to the door and he will see you want to come out'. Jeff looked, waived and continued working, poor Craig comes into the kitchen crying. Jeff didn't realize he wanted to help. The boys like to help with anything they can, I love it!

The boys were pretty excited about their snowman, they have been wanting to build one but there wasn't enough snow here.

Craig, Ryan and their snowman! Craig asked if he could come inside, it was too funny.
Later in the evening when we looked out the window at the snowman we discovered that an animal came and stole our carrot nose :(

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wow, it's been a while!

So I got a comment on my May 14th post about how long it has been since I have posted anything. I find it hard to have time to do all things I would like to so this was one of the things I tossed to the side and forgot about. I liked updating this blog so that I could keep track of what our family has been up to, it was my computer journal. I think that with the new year approaching I am going to start fresh and start blogging our family life again, it is always nice to have something nice to look back on.
The picture above is our family as of this week, the boys sure have grown a lot since my last post of them!

Thanks Jeff