Thursday, March 12, 2009

This and that from the last month!

Now that I go to work almost everyday I have a hard time finding time to update the blog. So I finally had a chance this morning so here are some random pictures from the last month. The boys are both growing like crazy, it is almost like they do something new everyday.

Sleepy head!

Silly boy, he climbed under the table to find his ball and got stuck! Lol!

Ryan is in the hand sucking stage, his hands are almost always in his mouth.

Craig decided to color where Ryan can see him.

Ryan finds Craig very interesting, he likes to lay on the chair and watch Craig play around the living room.

Jeff keeps Craig up until I get home from work so that I can get him ready for bed and read him a story. On Sunday I gave him a bath after supper because we had lasagna (messy),  I put his PJ's on since it was close to bedtime, Craig thought it was time to read a story since his jammies were on so he climbed into the rocking chair all by himself and started to read.

This was a pretty funny page to him, he was laughing, it was so cute.

Craig can stand up to stack his cups now.

He is so proud of himself! I am proud of him too!

I had to post this video, it is so funny/cute! I tried to record him shaking his head like that well he was standing, the only problem was he kept falling down and by the time I got the camera he he gave up.

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Sherri said...

Great pics!!
Those boys are just too cute.