Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! We hope you all had a great day! 
So during this last week both my boys turned a month older, so of course I had to get some more pictures done.

18 months!
 Craig was hilarious when we were taking these. I just had him walking around in front of the camera. He was laughing so hard! He would walk around, fall down, laugh, then he would stand up on his own without the support of anything, what a personality! 

2 months! 
We finally managed to get a picture of Ryan, Craig kept walking in front of the camera, laughing! Ryan was so cute, wherever I would move, his eyes and head had to follow me, eventually I had to position myself behind the lady taking the pictures.

This picture was Jeff's Valentines present from the three of us. He was funny, he said he was going to have to get a job so he would have a desk to put the picture on.

Here is Craig reading his card.

Ryan and his monkey are the same size, lol! We got him a monkey because we did a jungle theme in his room, so it will fit right in!

Craig is holding his new dog, it is so neat. When you push its paw it rolls all around the floor while music plays. Evan Luna (our cat) liked watching it roll around.

Here I am with my baby, who is growing way to fast!

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