Saturday, February 7, 2009

This afternoon I was playing with Ryan and got some adorable pictures of him smiling. I can't get over how fast he has grown, he is already 2 months old, WOW! Where does the time go??

What a beautiful smile!

I love that he smiles at me :)

Burr, put some clothes on me mom!

My cute little boys!!

How cute is this little guy! All I have to do is smile at him to get this adorable reaction! 
I am so glad I decided to have children. I just love my boys!

This video is from the other day when we went to visit my parents. 
Craig never bounced in the exesaucer like this, it was so funny.

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Sherri said...

The videos are great!!

I triple love the first picture of Ryan. What a sweet, sweet smile he has.

I'm glad you had babies too!! Your boys are the snuggliest and I wish there was a way we could keep them little.