Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not to much going on here this week, yet I have been to busy to be on the computer. Craig is making new adorable noises, I think he likes to hear himself! So cute!! He is just growing so fast, it is amazing how long he can hold his head up.

Jeff turns the black and white on and I never know how to get it off!

We went to Sherri's house on Wednesday for supper, Jeff's dad was there as well. It is so nice to be close to family again, we can have dinner on a night that's not a holiday!

Criag being fed by his big cousin Mark!

Craig and I went to Sherri's house while the boy's went to the hockey games on Friday and Saturday night. We did a little scrapbooking, it is so nice to have someone to do crafts with! We all know how much I love crafting!! lol!!

On Friday I finally got my diploma in the mail, yey! I was starting to wonder: maybe I didn't graduate! Lol! Thank-goodness!

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