Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Babies seem to grow up so fast so I decided to take Craig for pictures once a month so we can see how he has changed.

Our family picture when Craig is just nine days old.

One month.

Two months

So there is not to much on the go here. Jeff has a cold because he decieded to sit in the rain and have a fire with Mike the other night! What were they thinking, lol!! It was to cold out there for us so we wathched Mark play a little guitar hero and Sherri even jumped in and played a few songs. It is such a fun game.

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Sherri said...

Mike, Hugh and Mark all have colds too. Mike said it's from the guy at the Sting game who was sneezing without covering his mouth on Friday night. That's sooooo gross.

Thanks for helping me out today! :)