Monday, December 20, 2010


Craig wanted to go outside this afternoon so Jeff took him out while Ryan was napping, yes I said napping! And boy did he need it. I don't get much quiet afternoon time to be in my craft room, there are usually two loud attention seeking boys with me!

Craig like to spend the first little bit outside on his skates practicing. He is going great, he can stand on his own and even shuffle a little.

This pusher is great, Craig can get around quite well with it.

Once the skates come off we have a hockey superstar!

Look at that goalie stance!

I could hear then from my craft area yelling 'I got it, I got it'

He shoots! Craig sure has the hockey moves down pat. I think we have a lot of years of early hockey mornings ahead of us.

1 comment:

Sherri said...

A future superstar that's for sure!!
It's been great weather for the rink.
And, what's up with Ryan napping!!! LOL!!