Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

We had a great Christmas!
I think it is safe to say that the boys got what they wanted and some. I was even a little spoiled myself :) I think I need to take a 'how to use your camera for dummies' class. It doesn't matter what I do my pictures always turn out bad. I decided to use my iPhone to take pictures because they always look better than my camera and they didn't turn out:(

The boys thought it was pretty neat that Santa stopped at our house to have some cookies and milk.

The boys must have been good all year because Santa brought them lots of toys.

Craig was happy to see that he got the garbage truck he had been asking for for almost a month and half.

Lots of goodies in Craig's stocking.

Ryan got lots of goodies too!

Ryan got an Oiler's hat. He was so excited.

Craig got a Maple Leaf's hat. What a cute smile.
Too bad my picture didn't turn out better.

Look at all those presents!

The boys and I.
Jeff had to tell Ryan not to sit on my lap to get him to come over.

Jeff and the boys.
Craig makes some of the funniest faces.

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