Monday, December 13, 2010

Some family fun!

The boys and I had bought a new Christmas cookie pan a while ago and have wanted to try it out. We finally had some time yesterday.

The boys were pretty excited about the shapes, we got to use our new cookie jar too!

I am actually excited that we have been getting some snow, I am not usually a fan of it but I know how much fun it will be with the boys.

Jeff was cleaning off the rink while the boys and I were making cookies and Craig spotted him out there so he said to me 'I have to go help daddy' so 'I told him to go to the door and he will see you want to come out'. Jeff looked, waived and continued working, poor Craig comes into the kitchen crying. Jeff didn't realize he wanted to help. The boys like to help with anything they can, I love it!

The boys were pretty excited about their snowman, they have been wanting to build one but there wasn't enough snow here.

Craig, Ryan and their snowman! Craig asked if he could come inside, it was too funny.
Later in the evening when we looked out the window at the snowman we discovered that an animal came and stole our carrot nose :(


Sherri said...

You guys always have so much fun!!
The rink looks great. It sure is cold enough to skate, but I'm sure it's all covered in snow again!!
I LOVE the snowman.....too cute :)

Anonymous said...

If you look close the snowman's eyes and mouth are made with bottle caps, thats all I could find in the Garage.