Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fun!!

It was finally dry enough to take a trip to the animal farm. The boys just love it there, their new thing id to chase the ducks and geese around. Craig runs around yelling 'goose' and Ryan runs around making this noise that I think is supposed to be imitating the geese. I tried to get it on video but all you can hear is the wind.

I think these ducks might be Ryan's new favorite animals.

Checking out the geese with dad.

They found some more geese to chase.

Craig and Ryan got bike helmets today so they could go for a bike ride with us.

They loved being chauffeured around by me, they kept asking to go again, I must have gone around the block 5 or 6 times. Every time we would take them out they would grab their helmets and ask to go again.


Sherri said...

You got a bike!! I know where you can take them for a ride.....Aunt Sherri's :)
I'll ride my bike over to your house and we can go for a ride together one day soon.

Tammy Bendel said...

We can probably ride over your way one day.
That sounds like fun!