Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Craig and Ryan are so funny when they are playing together. They walk their dogs on wheels in a big circle throughout the house very loudly (not only are their dogs themselves super loud but both boys are also making very loud noises) and every time they pass us the yell bye and wave. It makes Jeff and I laugh. I am going to try to get it on video.

Ryan is running up to me saying 'cheese' so naturally Craig has to join in! They have been getting a little excited to see the camera lately, I think it might be because they like to say cheese.

Craig and Ryan like to stand at the fence and talk to the neighbors dog, Riley. Riley is so calm when he is playing with the boys through the fence but when there is no fence between them he gets so excited and jumps all over them trying to lick their faces. Just a little after I took this picture Luna got out and Riley was pacing the fence trying to find a way to chase her. Last summer he knocked their fence over and chased Luna up one of our Maple trees.

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