Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun day!

I had a fun day with the boys today! Everyday is fun, some are just a quieter fuss free fun! I met with my stamping group yesterday and I had the boys with me since Jeff went ice fishing and they fussed for me the entire time, I seriously did not get one card finished. Thanks to all the ladies I still got to take completed cards home.

This is how the boys had their snack today. I appreciated them keeping the mess in the kitchen, about 30 seconds later Craig's milk spilled everywhere.

What a cutie, they both love the mandarin oranges. At least this time that he is snacking beside Luna's food it is on human food, lol!

Brotherly love!

Color with me mom!


They always want control of the camera.

What a handsome little boy!
Yesterday he had to get his third haircut, his bed-head was out of control!

Craig was so cute when we were grocery shopping today. The carts at Valu-Mart were all wet from the rain so he followed close behind me with his grocery bag filling it with all the things I would give to him. He did try to pick his own things to put in them and then would laugh when I would tell him we weren't getting that. Craig sure has quite the personality. He was excited when we got to the snack aisle and I let him put a couple boxes of bear paws in his bag, they are his favorite. When we got home I opened the boxes for him to put in the snack jar and he put them all in but the one he wanted to eat. It is amazing how fast they change, he wants to help me all the time with everything, whether it is cleaning up the toys, carrying the laundry basket to the basement, sweeping the floors or putting away the groceries, I hope this phase never ends!

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