Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Boys!

We went over to Sherri and Mike's house the other day for a visit. Craig gets so excited to play hockey with Mark, the first thing he says when we go into their house is 'hockey' then he grabs Mark's hand and tries to drag him upstairs to play mini sticks.

Craig and Mark on the ice!

Our future hockey star!

Mark went down on the ice so Craig tried to sit on him.

It is so great that Mark plays hockey with him whether it is inside or out. Craig loves it and I know he will remember it forever.

Look at our boy, he sits on the arm of the couch now! It sure makes me nervous whenever I catch him.

Ryan has discovered climbing onto furniture, this is the first chair he has been able to climb on, he tries all the chairs but they are all to high still.
This was the first chair Craig learned to climb on too!

Ryan loves to chase Luna around the house saying her name. He will crouch down in her face and say her name like it is the most important thing in the world. It is so cute! Our cat sure puts up with a lot.

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