Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growing boys!

Our boys are just getting so big, everyday they amaze us by doing something new.

Jenn's son Bradley would sit there and pretend to get his hair cut and would tell Craig 'it's okay, it doesn't hurt,' so Craig would go sit for one snip and then point at Bradley for his turn. Bradley definitely made the process easier.

The pile of hair! It didn't look like this much got cut off, I guess his hair was longer then I thought.

Craig moved into the toddler bed, this is also his very last picture with his soother. YEAH!

Helping mom stir the juice, he is so helpful! 

Ryan is doing a great job learning to walk. It is amazing how quick he is learning things, I think it has to do with watching his big brother. 

I feel kind of bad... when Ryan falls in this video he actually cut his mouth open pretty bad, he didn't stop bleeding for at least ten minutes. I sure do have tough boys, Ryan didn't even cry, he only fussed when I would try to wipe the blood off his chin. Silly boy!

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