Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here is Craig after a ride in his new car!
Last weekend Sherri and Mike went to Toronto so Jeff, Craig and I went camping at the Pinery with Mark and Jade. We had a lot of fun, I think Craig really enjoyed his first camping trip! We went fishing, to the visitors center, candy shopping and of course for ice cream, oh yeah and we played lots of Rummoli! I had to put the worms on the hooks for the kids, I was just glad they didn't catch anything because I did not want to take the fish off. YUCK!
3 Here is Mark, a little bummed out because the fish keep eating his worms without the hook!

Jade loved pushing Craig around the site in his car, she can even lift him in and out of it!

Craig loves the attention he gets from his big cousins. Jade was even letting him play with her camera. When Craig would wake up in the morning and see Mark and Jade, he would squeal with excitement!

Craig can now lift himself to standing without our help. Every morning I get him out of bed he is standing, holding onto the rails. My baby is not a baby anymore! :(

We are so happy with how Craig took to camping that we are going to camp again with Sherri, Mike and the kids. Our little boy sure loves the outdoors.

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