Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a nice day yesterday, we decided to pack a lunch and go to Canatara Park. We ended up sitting down wind from the chip truck and thought about changing lunch plans, it smelt yummy but we resisted. After we ate we walked over to the animal farm, Craig liked it a lot more this time. A little baby lamb even came over and sniffed his leg and toys, maybe it smelt the Cheerios in his tray, lol! I had taken some bread with us this time so we were stalked by all the geese.
I couldn't believe how many baby geese there were.

The grown geese were hissing like crazy at the lambs that were following them around.

Craig was so excited about our big outing that we couldn't get him to have his nap until after five o'clock, boy was he grumpy! After he woke up and had supper at 7:30pm we decided to go for a walk down to the beach, the water is still very cold. Poor Craig, his silly dad dipped his toes in the water and he instantly cried, then we put him in the sand to see what he thought about that and he cried some more. I think he was still a little tired!

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