Monday, May 19, 2008

This weekend was just so beautiful out and we barely spent any time outside. Jeff and I went to our friends wedding in St. Thomas and Craig went to his grandparents for his first over night sleep without Jeff and I there. My parents said he was so good that they will take him again! It was so funny because my dad said he slept very light expecting Craig to wake up, but, he slept in until 10:00! Yesterday we brought the boat home from my parents and now are taking it to get ready for the summer. We are eager for the nice days so we can get out on it, I think Craig will enjoy it.
Craig is very mobile now, he is geting into everything he can get his hands onto. Just look at all the toys he has, I guess he wants to play with them all! One minute he is in the living room and the next he is in the kitchen, he loves to play with the rug I have under the sink.

He has discovered that he climb things, it started with the sides of furniture and our legs when we are sitting down, now he has found the stairs. I guess it is time to put up the gate.

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