Friday, March 14, 2008

This week went by very fast, we didn't get up to a whole lot. I went to my Stampin' Up class on Tuesday and we made some really nice scrapbooking pages. I loved taking this class so much that I decided to become a demonstrator myself. I get my starter kit this week and I hope to find some people interested in taking some classes!
Here are a few random pictures from throughout the week.

Craig tried Zucchini for the first time and he seemed to enjoy it.

I put a bunch of his toys in this basket and he rolled over to it and he reached in and grabbed himself a toy.

Craig managed to pick up the basket and he dumped the toys all around himself.

He wanted to try and feed himself. He got cereal everywhere.

Jeff and I had some popcorn the other night and he liked watching it pop.
At Lunch today he got his sweet potatoes all over his forehead! He is always trying to grab the bowl.
Craig fell asleep this afternoon in this position. He was happily playing one minute and the next he was out. He slept like this for about a half an hour, his hand never left the bunny Grandpa Bendel brought for him on Wednesday.

Poor Craig was up very late with a mild fever last night, Jeff and I think it's because he is teething. We were all so very tired today that we had a 3 hour nap this afternoon. I am surprised I slept for so long because I am not a napper.

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Sherri said...

I guess you needed a nap! Wow - 3hrs!!
Love the pic of Craig digging in the toy basket. And the food pics are always funny!