Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I think that Craig is finally starting to get better, which is nice because now we should all be able to get some sleep. Jeff and I have been on shift work, thank goodness for me he took most of the nights (Hee Hee). Our poor baby has had fevers, a runny nose, a bad cough and today he started to lose his voice. At least he is sleeping a little better now.
Tomorrow is my first day of training. I got a temporary job at Tax Tyme for the tax season. I will be there until April 30th but that is okay because at least I will be getting some experience. I had to go do some shopping today to get some work clothes, yey!
On Friday craig was rolling all over the family room.

Craig wasn't to sure what to think about peaches.

Jade enjoyed helping me make biscuits for her mom's birthday supper!

Craig is getting pretty coordinated.

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