Thursday, March 6, 2008

Craig had a doctor's appointment the other day, he now weighs 18.13lbs and is 27.5 inches long. I thought he would have been a little longer because all his sleepers are getting to small. I was so glad when he didn't have to get any needles because there was a doctor filling in for ours and he made me very very nervous.
Since Craig is rolling all over the place, we decided to put a more cushioned floor down for him. He still manages to roll right off it. These squares are nice because you can just keep adding to it to make it as big or smal as you like.
Here he is having a nap in his car seat, he must be having a good dream!
Craig just isn't sure about the pears.

I think he is laughing at me laughing at his silly faces!

What is this stuff?

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Sherri said...

The second last picture is ADORABLE.