Sunday, January 13, 2008

Turkey Dinner!

On Friday Jeff and I decided to cook a turkey, we never had a chance over the holidays since we went to other peoples houses and we were so busy getting everything ready for the wedding. It was so good to, because I was so sick over the holidays I didn't hardly eat and Christmas dinner. I made my very first cake from scratch with my new mixer. Homemade ones just aren't as goos as the box! It still tasted okay though. Craig with his grandpa Bendel

Craig, Bill and I

Craig with his Grandpa

After supper Jeff had a Sting game, so Craig and I went over to Sherri's house for a visit, it had been quite a while since we went over there. Did we ever have a late night, we didn't leave till one o'clock in the morning. Even Craig slept in until nine o'clock. Jeff got up with him and I stayed in bed until eleven!

How cute is he! Craig gets very excited when he is going to get cereal! We have started him on oat cereal now. He is so adorable, he will open his mouth wide when he knows I am making it.

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Sherri said...

1 in the morning 2 nights in a row!! We had fun though and thankfully could sleep in 2 days in a row too!!

Love the pic of dad and Craig. And the slideshow looks good too!