Thursday, January 10, 2008

So our little baby is getting so big, yesterday was the 5 month mark. I can't believe how good he is when getting his picture taken, although this was the only one we were able to get in this position, I just loved it!
Today Craig had a doctor's appointment, he hasn't gained to much weight. He is now 16.05 pounds, he is 27 inches long and his head remains the same! Jeff and I still just can't get over how fast he is growing. He now sleeps every night in his crib, he doesn't seem to mind the change at all, unlike his mommy. I am up all the time to check on him, I guess that I will be comfortable with time. Jeff bugs me because I have the monitor turned up so loud that we hear the cars drive past our window and then a gain through the monitor, lol!

Craig has been grabbing his feet since Friday!

He enjoys the material book he got for Christmas from Szabolcs family! He flips through it like he is reading it and then just leaves on his face and makes excited noises, so so cute!

He likes to hold his own bottle sometimes, it only works for him if it is full!


Sherri said...

I just love the skateboard picture. It is toooooo cute!! And so is Craig...

Anne said...

The skateboard pic is adorable, I love how is one hand is on the floor.