Monday, December 17, 2007

We had a busy weekend here, Mark and Jade came for the night on Saturday. We had lots of fun, they made some homemade gifts for their mom and dad for Christmas. Their gifts turned out great! I won't say what they made because I know they read my blog! LOL! Mark brought his guitar for guitar hero and him and Jeff did some jammin', it is really neat how you can have two people play at the same time. We played Cranium and the kids loved it, it is a mix of sherraddes, drawing, moulding, humming and guessing words, we had a lot of fun playing it, Mark and Jade were so funny, the game just wound them up! They were so funny on Sunday morning, they were saying how they hoped to be snowed in so they could sleep over another night. Mark and Jade just didn't want to go home! I think it was cause they just wanted to keep making stuff, I have so much craft stuff, they wanted to make everything. Once Mike was finallyon his way from the kids continuously asking to stay longer, mark said, 'I hope they get stuck in traffic'! How cute is that. I am so glad they had a good time here and want to come back, I told them maybe over the holidays. That is if Sherri and Mike will let them, they were so wound up and full of energy when they left here, you'd think we filled them with candy before we sent them on their way. (They never ate one piece of candy Sherri) LOL!
I wish I got pictures while they were here, I guess we were having to much fun to think of it.

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Sherri said...

They seriously did have a blast. You must be great hostess's!!
Thanks so much for having them, even when you didn't need to!!