Thursday, December 27, 2007

So Jeff, Craig and I had a great Christmas. We went over to Sherri's house in the morning to watch Mark and Jade open their gifts, it is more fun to watch young kids open their gifts, they are way more excited! After Sherri's we went home to open our gifts. Jeff and Craig got me Kitchen Aid Mixer, a new knife block and new pots, Everything I asked for, yey! I got Jeff some sweaters, t-shirts and a new watch. We got Craig a few toys, it will be a lot more fun once he is bigger and excited about the presents. We went to my parents for turkey dinner. I made my parents a homeade calendar full of pictures, mainly of Samantha and Craig. They loved it. Sherri and I also made one for their dad, I wasn't there when he opened it but I guess he really liked his.

He like his new teething toy, it vibrates when he bites down on it!

Sarah, Samantha and Grandma

My mom opening the calendar I made her and my dad, she loved it.

Samantha gets so jealous when my dad holds Craig

Samantha in her Christmas outfit
Now that Christmas is out of the way I am mainly focusing on the wedding. I think I am pretty much done everything, just a few little things left. It will be nice next week when I can just relax from everything. I really hope that my cold is gone by saturday, it will suck if I have to leave the party for a nap! Jeff and I are going to Niagara falls for New Year's Eve, it will be like a honeymoon for us. We are very excited!

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