Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tomorrow I will be going to a pampered chef cookie exchange party at my sisters house. I baked for most of the day yesterday. I tried 3 different cookies I never made before. I hope everyone thinks they are yummy. I made haystacks, molasses crackles, Philadelphia sugar cookies, and chocolate candy cane cookies. I was busy! Jeff's dad came for a visit in the afternoon and tried my molasses crackles, he said they were good, but were they really! LOL!

Today our little baby is 4 months old, he is growing so fast and what a personality he has developed. We can really get him laughing now, so much fun.

We started doing this little piggy with him, he loves it, he laughs and laughs until you get to the 'wee wee wee..." part, then he gets the cutest sad face ever and cries and cries. We substituted that part with something else!

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