Friday, December 7, 2007

Craig had a doctor's appointment yesterday, poor thing had to get two needles. He sure is growing, he is 15.8 pounds and 25.5 inches tall now!! He hasn't been eating as much as he should be so I talked to the doctor about t and he said he could be teething already. It makes sense now, he has had rosy cheecks, lots of drooling and sucking on what ever he can get his little hands on!

From hand to toy!
Sarah and Samantha came for a visit yesterday afternoon, I didn't have time to walking child proof the house so things sure got rearranged. It was cute, Luna was laying under the tree so Samantha shooed her and then sat under the tree, she didn't sit long enough for me to get the camera. She knows so many words now, she is just to cute!

So relaxed eating some chicken nuggets.

We got Craig a bumbo, what a coincidence they match! He doesn't look happy in this picture but he actually really enjoys sitting in it. His faourte position is to be sitting upright , this bumbo really helps.

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Sherri said...

He looks so cute in that Bumbo!

Hugh and MJ are picking up the dresses today.