Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My sister Lacey came down for the weekend, we had a good time. We wached a few movies, worked on some craft stuff and she helped me clean our house a little. I let her drive a few places so she could get some practice, she is in driver's ed right now.
It was so funny, the other night he made the sounds of goo goo ga ga, it was exactly like that. He is getting so big, so fast, he tries so hard to sit himself up and when he can't he gets all upset. If you are holding him he likes to be sitting up, no more holding him like a baby unless you have a bottle in your hands!

Poor Craig was sick this weekend and would not sleep on Saturday unless he was being cuddled.

My parents came down on Sunday to pick up my sister so I made a lasagna for supper, It was really good, my dad was happy, I aways seem to make ham when I have them for dinner!

He enjoys sucking his thumb!! How cute!

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