Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip to the farm

We invited Jade for a sleep over last week and had lots of fun. The boys love spending time with their cousins, they get so excited when the see them and are very very sad when we have to leave them. We decided we better take advantage of the nice weather and headed to the animal farm. The boys really enjoy walking through naming all the animals and making similar sounds.

Jade was walking Ryan through the animal farm. He kept trying to run away.

Checking out the Lama's, Ryan was mostly interested in the ducks that were in with them. He would move around the fence so he could see them and make quacking noises. The Lama didn't want the ducks around, he/she started to chase them away, it was quite entertaining.

Here they are feeding the donkey's some straw.

Craig kept saying 'donkey, donkey'

Our sweet little boys, Craig went back to get Ryan because he was lagging behind. Sometimes he will go behind him and give him a little push.

How cute are these baby goats, they could hardly walk.

Cool dude!

His hat always ends up sideways.

1, 2, 3.....


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