Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning to skate!

We took the boys over to their uncle Mike and Aunt Sherri's house so that Craig could learn how to skate. Jeff had to take Craig to the sports store so that he could get a helmet, he was not at all interested in putting that thing on his head, I was glad Jeff volunteered to take him because I knew that that was how it was going to be. Craig did think the helmet was pretty cool to wear once he saw Mark and Jade put there's on. He wasn't to sure about being on the ice at first, as long as mom was holding on to him he seemed to be fine. Eventually as you can see by one of the pictures I was able create some distance between us. In the top right corner, it is hard to tell but Sherri and Ryan are watching Craig learn to skate from the kitchen window. Once we knew Craig was fine Ryan got bundled up and Jade pulled him around in a toboggan, he was laying there as stiff as a board starring at the sky with a little smile on his face! Once we were all done we warmed up a little in the Man Cave!

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Sherri said...

Someday he'll be skating around the rink like a pro! He did pretty good for the first time. Each time will get better and better.

Colleen has my pusher. She's going to get it to me on Monday.