Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween was so exciting for two reasons this year, it was Ryan's first Halloween and Craig got to go trick or treating. 

Here are our little munchkins, an elephant and a lion.

Believe it or not Ryan was happy in his costume for the last two days but was not happy when I tried to take his picture.

Wow! Look at all the candy, he was pretty excited about it. Craig got right into trick-or-treating and after about the 3rd house he knew that every door he knocked on would give him some chocolate. He even knocked himself, when people would come to their door he would say nothing and point at his pail for candy, it was so cute!

Look mom, more chocolate.

Mmmm, more smarties! Ryan was trying to get in on some of that candy.

They were so cute playing with the candy, I made a game of throwing the candy into the pail to try and get him to clean it up. I had him putting his arms up and screaming yeah! But do you think I could get it on video :(

Craig and Ryan were playing with the candy and you can see that Craig had dropped a little piece of Chocolate and of course Ryan found it in the pile, that boy can find food anywhere. Ryan does not normally cry when he is hungry, he goes under the table to see if there is any dropped food or to the cat food dish, very gross I know. I guess he just likes to fend for himself.

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