Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our trip to Frankenmuth!

I wanted to get the house sprayed for bugs, we get so many spiders, so we decided to go on a trip since Ryan had to be out over night. We decided to go to the Toronto Zoo, then watched the weather network and decided it would not be much fun in the rain and it did actually poor out on that day! We decided to go to Zehnder's Splash Village in Frankenmuth. It was a lot of fun, Craig loves to play around in water.

It was neat how water shot out of the ground, it pretty much came from every direction.

Ryan even had some fun, he isn't much of a fan for the water, yet.

There was a toddler section which was the splash pad, a climb up play area and a twisty slide. I took Craig down the slide and he loved it! We went at least three more times. Here is a picture of us at the bottom.

I don't think Craig wanted to leave.

I thought this was a cute picture of Jeff and Craig.

Such a happy little guy!

Please take me for another ride mom!

It almost looks like he is moping because he doesn't want to leave.

We went over to the Christmas store and this is the sign that was right out front.

I wanted to stop at a Wal-mart to get some paper (It was craft card stock mike, lol!). So we let Craig take a ride on Dumbo! He was all smiles and liked it at first, then he wanted off.

I didn't get a picture of this but there was a huge barrel above the toddler play area that would fill with water and once it was finally full it would dump on all the kids. while the one time it dumped there was this siren and all the kids lined up for it. Wouldn't ya know it, I had Ryan in the snuggle carrier and Craig holding one hand, (we let Jeff go to the spa pool), I notice all these people looking at me with wide mouths and I knew instantly what was happening. I pulled Craig in front of me and hovered over him trying my best to protect both of them. Needless to say we got soaked by the barrel! It was funny. I guess the siren doesn't sound every time!

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Sherri said...

LOL@ the barrel!!

Lovin' the pic of Craig looking so sad leaving with his Tiggers under his arm. He's too cute.