Monday, January 26, 2009

My boys!

Here are some random pictures of the boys. I find it much harder now that I have two children to keep the blog updated. Craig doesn't like when we are on the computer because he wants to play with the keyboard and once he is asleep I am usually busy doing other things that need to be done, like feeding Ryan, cleaning or shopping. Today I decided I must put some pictures up regardless of how messy the house is, lol! 

Here are my three favorite people!

What a cute smiley face! 
I know I know, he is a boy laying on a purple flowered blanket. But it is a very warm fleecy blanket for our cold house.

He's almost making the same face as Elmo!

He looks so serious in this picture.

These are the cutest PJ's. Craig got them for Christmas.

It takes the smallest things to amuse children. He is surrounded by all kinds of toys and he chooses the box!

He played in this box for quite a while.

This is where Ryan likes to hang out while Craig plays and I do crafts in the basement.

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Sherri said...

Glad you found a minute to post some pics!! Mark used to love boxes too.

Ryan looks like he's grown in the pics. I love the shots with the different faces.