Monday, December 8, 2008

Ryan Phillip Bendel!!

Our little boy is finally here! I didn't think he was ever going to come out but he arrived on December 6th at 4:21am, it sure made for a long night! We named him Ryan Phillip Bendel , he was 7lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long.
He has quite a few resemblences to Craig when he was a baby.
What a cutie!!
Ryan and his proud daddy!
Craig came to visit us at the hospital, he was in to everything!
Ryan, ready to go home.


Anne said...

Ryan is adorable Tammy. I am so happy for all of you. You have a beautiful family. I can hardly wait to see him!!!!

Sherri said...

He really is a sweet baby! You have 2 beautiful boys and I love them to pieces.

Fanny said...

Congratulations!!!You have two boys, they are cute