Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Years Centre!

I have been taking Craig to an active baby class at the Early Years Center for the last three weeks. It is nice to see him playing so well with other kids around his age. He has so much fun playing while we are there that he has great naps when he gets home, yey for me!
This is the first place he visits every week before heading to the magnets.
It took a while but he eventually crawled through.
The NOISY station!
Samantha came for a visit, how cute are the eating pizza at the table!
He likes crawling trough tunnels now!
My king of the castle! It was funny, the one day he was sitting up here and there was another little boy that kept passing him blocks to throw off, the two of them would just crack up laughing. This went on for like 15 minutes. A few kids came over to join in the fun. Craig was a popular boy that day!

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Sherri said...

Of course he's popular!! He's got such a sunny personality everyone wants to be near him!LOL!
I think it's great that he's enjoying this each week. It's sensory stimulation to the max I bet!