Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I expected to get lots of kids this year because last year we were late getting home and I almost ran out of candy. I made 78 treat bags and gave out 10! I could not believe it, there were no cute little children ringing my door bell for candy. Where were all the kids this year? There was this one young boy who rang my doorbell and when I answered he screamed ARGGG! He scared the crap out of me and Craig was just sitting at the door staring and wondering what was going on.
Craig and I working on our pumpkin. He was not interested in touching the guts! Just the tools.

Our final masterpiece. I was impressed with the result, Craig sure is talented! Lol!

And finally, here is our little dinosaur! He looked so cute, I wish I had more pictures of him in his costume but our camera has been acting all funny and they were all blurry. Maybe I will dress him up again tomorrow and take some more. (The things we do to our children for memories). LOL!

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