Friday, September 19, 2008

My friend Kim came over last Saturday with her mom and her nephew. I could not believe how well behaved Craig was with Zack, he was sharing his toys and everything. It was too cute when Craig decided to go give him a hug, he wraped his arms around him and layed his head on him. I wish I got a picture! You would never guess that Zack is half Craig's age, they are almost the same size, his daddy is really tall.
Craig can climb ono things now, if he is on the couch he will climb onto the end table, if your holding him at the kitchen table, he wll try to climb onto it, he can climb in and out of his smaller chairs, he can even do the stairs. I can not believe how quick he learned to do the stairs, he is smart enough to turn around so his feet go down first.

He likes to climb into this chair and use the Sudoko game as a telephone, it is adorable how he gets talking, he will raise his one hand in the air and wave it around a little and just gab gab gab!

This is the Dump truck my sisters family got Craig for his birthday, he can climb on and off it all by himself, he is trying to ride it all around but can only go a few steps, for now anyway.

Jeff, Mike, Sherri and Mark went to the Sting game so Jade came over here and she played with Craig, made a craft boat and we made rice krispy squares. Hopefully they turn out, we made up our own recipe. She was too funny, she said it would be our secret recipe if it was good and she wouldn't tell anyone because she likes to keep secrets.

I was so cut, Craig crawled over to Jade and sat right in her lap all on his own.


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