Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday so Craig and I went over to her house for pizza and cake. Lacey didn't have to work and Sarah and her family went as well, Samantha and Alex are both getting so big. Craig was so funny when he first saw Samantha, he was sitting on the floor with hands and feet off the ground (his balancing act) laughing like crazy, he was so loud! My dad gave Sam and Craig a cookie, Craig dropped his and decided to chase Sam to try and get hers, he was grabbing and pulling at her, it was cute.

Samantha and Craig decided they would go for a swim! Criag kept trying to catch that orange ball with his mouth, he did a couple face dives. He didn't mind at all, he would just lift his head take a deep breath, smile and try to get it again.

They play so well together.

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