Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun in the sun!

We had a very busy day yesterday. It was so nice out in the morning that we decided to go for a boat ride. Craig and I met Jeff at the beach, while we were waiting Craig decided that sand wasn't that bad after all, he would cry whenever he would touch it on previous trips. He did not even care about having a life jacket on, he would cry whenever we put that on him too!
I like this stuff!

Craig on his first ever boat ride! He loved it!

We had a watermelon snack, I don't know if daddy will let him have snacks on the boat anymore, it was a little messy.o

Mmm, sand! He was eating it, yuck, he was trying to put rocks in his mouth.

He was motoring all around the beach, he isn't scared of that sand anymore.

We got Craig a little pool for the backyard, it has a whale that floats around sprinkling water.

Craig was in the pool for at least a half an hour, he is a fish like his mom!
He likes to put his feet in his mouth and then laugh, so cute!!

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Sherri said...

This pictures are great!! I'm glad he likes the boat and now finally the sand! We need to have a beach day's going to be hot this week!