Monday, April 21, 2008

An afternoon outside.

On Saturday I had the day off so we spent a majority of the afternoon outside, it was such a nice day. We walked down to the swing set at the end of the street, Craig loves the swing. It was so cute, when we would hold his swing up he would make a scrunched face anticipating the release. After the swings we headed down to the beach, I was standing close to the water for a picture and a wave came up over my feet, boy was it cold! Jeff and I had Albert's for supper, the fries are just as good as they were out of the truck.
Craig and Jeff on the swings together.

So cute!

Craig and I at the beach.

Craig ate his first supper outside by the campfire.

Craig's 8 month picture. Jeff had to take him since I was at work so this one was a surprise for me. I guess he was not impressed.

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