Monday, February 25, 2008

We had a busy weekend, lots of cleaning and lots of playing! We all got something new on our trip to Zellers yesterday! Craig tried carrots for he first time yesterday and he loved them. I am so glad he has taken a liking to almost all the vegetables, I thik we will start some fruit next.
We have no idea how he got the blanket on his head like this.

Mmm, I love carrots!

Craig loves his new music station. It plays songs when he hits the instruments!

Doesn't his head look silly in the mirror, he loves it!

Reading his new musical book!

Craig was so funny, he would just burst into laughter whenever I would squeeze his tigger block, it also has a hole in the bottom so when I squeeze it it blows at him!

When we were at Zellers shopping for toys Jeff found this fire pit, he had to have it. He was lucky he seen it when he did because it was on clearance from last year and they just brought it out for the season and I bet it would have sold fast. So of course he had to test it out today !

We still had gift cards from the wedding so I got a new 3 in 1 cake plate, it flips upside down to become a veggie platter and you can use the lid as a bowl. I had to bake a cake yesterday just so I could use it! We also got a new popcorn maker, one of the ones where the lid becomes a bowl, so of course we also had to have some popcorn last night while we watched the Academy Awards.

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Sherri said...

Sounds like a very successfull shopping trip! You gotta love it!

That video is hilarious. He's bellylaughing!!

Wait til Mike sees the fire pit. I bet he will love it!