Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mmm, peas!

Craig had Peas yesterday for the first time. I think that they are his favourite so far, he eats all that I offer him.

On Saturday Craig and I spent the night at my sisters, Sarah had a wedding to go to so we watched Samantha. It was fun, Samantha is very good with Craig, she loves to give him hugs and kisses. Whenever she tries to say his name it sound like cookie, too cute!

I have a few pictures that are from last week, Samantha and Craig were hanging out. They are so adorable together. Samantha really gets Craig laughing, then she can't stop laughing which makes him laugh more, it is the cutest circle!

Here they are relaxing!

Samantha was playing peek-a-boo with Craig!

She is so good around him.

Here she is giving Craig a kiss!


Sherri said...

Those pictures are sooooo cute!
They will be good friends as they grow up together.

So sweet!

Fedred Blackworker said...

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