Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last week Craig had decided it was his job to open the mail!
I have continued to clean over the last few days, I am ready to go upstairs now. Craig's closet has so much stuff in there. He has been lent lots of clothes so I have to organize them by size. I get his new dresser on Saturday so I will be eager to finish up the house clean! I got a new vacuum finally, yey! Our old one would turn on as soon as it was plugged in and the suction was not very good. 3
Craig is tryig so hard to roll over, he can almost make it! If only his arm wasn't in the way!
Here he is for the first time in his big duck tub, it even quacks if you push the beak! He absolutely loved being in there, he was a little upset when it was time to get out. It was so cute, he was kicking the water around so much he was splashing water on his face, he did not mind at all. I am so glad that bath time is fun time!

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Sherri said...

Love the mail picture!!