Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our new page!!

So i decided to switch over to a new blog! The other one was getting kind of boring. I like how you can write a little then add a picture on this one!
So Craig has started to enjoy bathtime, it makes bathing him way more fun and way easier! He really enjoys it when I splash the water around, it makes him smile!

Here he is before his bath!

Look how happy he is after his bath is done! He is so adorable!

Jade had the day off school so she came over and we went fish shopping, finally we are going to fill our two fish tanks!! She also stayed for super, mmm spagetti.

Jade fed Craig some lunch before our big outting!

We went fish shopping and got 10 fish, 2 algae eaters and 1 snail.

The boys had the first hockey night of the season so the girls got together with Craig of course and did a little scrapbooking, well we tried to anyway, we mostly chatted. Jade managed to get a page of her and her friends started!


Sherri said...

Hey, I love this!! It looks great!!

jeff said...

looks good babe

Mike said...

It looks like Luna likes the new fish as well!